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Opinion and analysis of spaceflight, exploration, policy, and strategy, by Anthony Colangelo.

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T+268: IM-1, CLPS, NASA Budget (with Eric Berger)

Eric Berger of Ars Technica joins me to talk about Intuitive Machine’s successful landing despite so many issues on the mission, the future of CLPS, and the tough questions facing NASA and its budget.

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T+267: Vulcan, New Glenn, Peregrine, Artemis

I catch up with a round up of stories from January: ULA’s first Vulcan launch, Blue Origin’s success with its BE-4 engines and what it means for their year, Astrobotic’s Peregrine mission, JAXA’s SLIM mission, and NASA’s announcement of Artemis delays.

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T+266: Alex Fielding, CEO and Chairman, Privateer

Alex Fielding, CEO and Chairman of Privateer, joins me to talk about what they’re working on and what drives them as an organization.

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T+265: Headlines, featuring Starship IFT-2, Dragonfly, and Ariane 6

A special (free!) airing of this week’s episode of MECO Headlines. Starship IFT-2, Dragonfly, Ariane 6, ISS happenings, launches, and more.

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T+264: ESA’s Interest in Space Stations, Virgin Galactic Bails on VSS Unity

ESA is looking to start a commercial cargo program while looking further ahead to commercial space stations by signing an agreement with Airbus and Voyager. Virgin Galactic is laying off 20% of its staff and ending VSS Unity flights in just a few months.

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